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Pause. Breathe. Refresh.

In today’s modern world where busyness and more busyness is not only a reality but a sign of status, it can be near impossible to ever get to a relaxed state. Even the act of taking a vacation is fraught with anxious busyness:

· get as much done at work as you possibly can

· outline all of your current projects for the coworkers who will be handling the work while you’re gone

· make all of the travel plans

· for some, organize the children either with stay-behind childcare or activities on vacation

And then you actually leave and go somewhere wonderful and beautiful and soon you’re dealing with unmet expectations, an office that won’t stop calling (or, conversely, the anxiety provoked by an office that never calls – go figure) and the all-too-frequent realization that vacationing is more work than, well, work.

Empower yourself to stop the madness.

A peaceful mind, heart and soul result from finding peaceful moments throughout your day, every single day. How? It’s the inconveniences of life that afford the best opportunities for a peaceful interlude AS LONG AS YOU DON’T DIVE INTO YOUR PHONE!

Try it. Next time you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting for a friend for coffee or even waiting for your computer to boot up, instead of reflexively scrolling, look up. Look around. Intentionally pause and take a deep breath. Do it again. Be interested in what you see. Notice the feeling of expansiveness and peace that washes over you.

Your blood pressure just went down.

You’re welcome.


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