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Set Your Boundaries

Fences gently mark a line of separation. Well-designed, well-maintained fences are lovely to behold. They are functional and beautiful.

In the same way, well-designed and well-maintained boundaries in our lives protect and preserve what’s good and necessary while keeping away that which is destructive to our health and well-being. To others, our boundaries look like self-respect, strong values and optimistic ambition. Functional and beautiful.

How do you know you need boundaries? When you say “yes” but you really want to say “no.”

Maybe you want to try drinking less, but continually cave to peer pressure.

Maybe you’re determined to turn off your work at 5:00, but night after night you don’t stop until later. Sometimes much later.

Maybe you want to live your own life, but instead you keep trying to live up to your family's expectations and dreams for you.

What makes a good boundary? How do we know what our existing boundaries are? How do we decide that we need new, better boundaries? And, once we’ve decided that we need a boundary, how do we design and build it?

When you’re ready, give me a call – I’d love to explore the possibilities with you!


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