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Socializing in a post-Covid world

As we emerge from our collective Covid lockdown and start to reengage with friends and family, David Ludden, Ph.D., writes about finding our own “social sweet spot.”

Determining our Goldilocks level of socializing is worth some thought, because, for me, there was much about the pandemic lockdown that was good. The lack of FOMO, for one. When there aren’t any parties, there’s nothing to trigger the shame of not being included.

The pandemic made it virtuous to be alone and find my bliss. The experience also drove home just how much I love being with my family and friends. I definitely want to be able to hug them and spend time with them, and I also want to hold tight to my newfound delight in being alone with myself.

I found Ludden’s research helpful as I ponder whether, when and with whom I’ll be socializing in the year to come.


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