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Want a high-performing team? Build trust.

Growing a successful company is a team sport. If you're a leader, you know this. Like it or not, you simply cannot do everything that needs to be done, and the truth is that for most things, there's someone who can do it better than you can. You want a team of ambitious, smart, driven people, but how do you get them to all work together?

Build trust.

Trust is the foundation of every single high-functioning relationship, and "relationship" is what good teams are all about.

Your team has to trust you. They have to trust you to speak the truth, even when it's not popular; trust you to lead change, even when it's resisted; trust you to show up, even when you would much rather curl up and hide under the covers. You may be brilliant in a million ways, but without the trust of the people on your team, you and your org will never achieve all that is possible.

How do you know there's trust on your team? Ultimately, you know because you're winning.

Incrementally you know because there is frequent, intense disagreement in meetings. People are unafraid to speak their truth while those around them listen with respect, even when they disagree. Discussions are lively. Everyone participates. Decisions are made - not by consensus but by you, the leader - and the team works together toward that common goal, that shared vision, even when they disagree.

Are you ready to to transform your leadership group into a high-performing team? Send me an email at and we'll schedule a time to talk. Now is the time for you to take the next step toward all you are meant to achieve.


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